How it works

Whichever membership account you choose, it makes good sense to become a Chalcot Concierge member today.

  • Once you sign up for one of our membership accounts, you will be assigned a log-in to your own personal account area, where you will be able to request specific services and indicate exactly what you need. Our team will carry out any necessary research and provide you with a breakdown of costs involved.
  • With our user-friendly booking system, you can book, track and cancel our services and manage your payments online too. You can also access client area features that give you full control over the services you use, plus other useful tools.
  • Our easy-to-manage payment system and clear, transparent pricing for all services mean that you always know what you’re getting for your money.
  • Where additional charges are incurred (such as the cost of sending flowers, dry cleaning or tickets), you can either choose to pay for these by credit card, cash or cheque.
  • We guarantee that no extra costs will be incurred without your approval, putting YOU firmly in control of your life, but with someone else taking the strain – us.
  • And you’re more than welcome to get in touch with us at any time to discuss new ways we could help you.

Perhaps you want to offload a time-consuming task like organising a dinner party or you need someone to be around while a succession of plumbers, painters and electricians pass through your new house. Whatever your requirements, our concierge service is all geared to YOUR individual needs.

Here’s how each membership option works:

VIP Luxury Membership

If you are a very busy individual who regularly requires concierge services and prefers the personal touch, we recommend that you sign up for our VIP Luxury Membership which offers a highly individualised service and unlimited service requests.

Since this is a bespoke membership that is available by application only, please contact us to find out more about how to join this exclusive club.

Monthly Membership

If you regularly need to access our plethora of services, we recommend that you sign up for our Pre-Pay and Save Membership which offers the best value for money. With this account:

  • You manage and pay for your service requests via an online account.
  • Provided that you top up your account with a minimum of £24 per month, you will have access to 4 service requests, which equates to just £6 per request (charged at 15 minute intervals). Our team of concierge managers will coordinate your requests as quickly and efficiently as possible, and will keep you informed every step of the way.
  • And if it’s a busy time and you need extra services, you’re always welcome to top up your account by direct debit or credit card and make additional requests at a cost of just £6 per service request (charged at 15 minute intervals).
  • You are free to opt in and opt out of the Pre-Pay and Save Membership account as often as you like, subject to a 30 day cancellation period.

With the Pre-Pay and Save Membership, you can take advantage of our team’s expertise and know-how and request multiple services over the course of a month for a nominal administration fee. Sign up today.

Pay As You Go Membership

Our Pay As You Go account is for you if you think you’ll only require our services on an occasional basis. Here’s how it works:

  • You manage and pay for your service requests via an online account.
  • You only pay for what you use.
  • Each service request is subject to an administration fee of just £7.50 (charged at 15 minute intervals). Our concierge managers will carry out the necessary research, let you know how much the service costs and deduct the costs from your account. Or alternatively you can pay by cash, cheque or credit card.
  • You are free to top up as little or as much as you want over the course of each month.

Perhaps you need a transfer to the airport or your much loved pooch needs a pet-sitter while you’re away. We can arrange this for you. Simply pay for the time that you need and we’ll take care of the rest. Remember - there are no monthly charges and no extra costs.

Easy to manage, value for money

Whether you want someone to arrange your holidays or to get tickets for “must see” events, or you simply need practical help finding reliable dry-cleaning services or plumbing repairs, Chalcot Concierge can make sure things get done while you get on with doing the things you enjoy.

We’re on hand, at the end of the phone or email, to make things happen on your behalf. Join today.