Account Features

Pay As You Go Membership

Our new Pay As You Go service is perfect for busy people who need a helping hand on an ad hoc basis. If you don’t think that you’d maximise all the benefits of one of our monthly accounts, but you require our services now and again, you should sign up for our Pay As You Go Membership. This provides all the same services as our regular monthly account but with no ongoing charge. With the Pay As You Go account, you only pay for what you use. So, if you’d like the occasional personal training session, for example, or if you have a home maintenance project that needs professional help, sign up today and we’ll arrange it for you.

We charge a very simple administration fee of just £7.50 for every 15 minutes to arrange any service you require. We think you’ll agree that this minimal charge is worth it when you consider how much time you will save in your busy day.

If you need a plumber, we can source one for you, make an appointment and arrange his payment all from our one-stop shop. You can request and pay for whatever service you need from your personal log-in page and we will take care of the finer details. And don’t forget, the devil is in the detail!

After you’ve signed up, we can use your preferred contact method – phone, SMS or email – and we will always provide detailed confirmation for each request you make, plus reminders of booking arrangements upon completion of request. This will include cancellation policy, booking reference numbers and booking terms and conditions.