Account Features


Generate an additional stream of income for your business, with no effort whatsoever, simply by signing up for our Affiliates account. Our exclusive Affiliates membership is available to your employees or clients absolutely free of charge.

Chalcot Concierge’s menu of services is almost limitless. Your employees or clients can take full advantage of our array of concierge services and for every service request they make, your business will earn 5% commission on the profit earned.

We believe that the provision of free membership to Chalcot’s superior concierge service will represent a valuable and popular employee benefit for your staff, whereas for your clients, both current and prospective, it will be an important marketing tool.

Following your acceptance as an affiliate member of Chalcot Concierge, we will take care of all the administration of the Affiliates account including any invoices and phone calls. You will be allocated your own unique business code to link your accounts, which means you can track how your employees or clients are using the service, and of course their expenditure.

We also provide full online and phone support, including live chat, to your clients and employees.